Paola Gennari Santori

Founder & Creative Director

“What I wished to do was create an ironic fashion statement – sophisticated roomwear. The shoes in the Una Sera collection were designed with leisurely moments in mind, however with the particular twist of being extremely fashionable and handcrafted from high quality materials. So while they are the perfect shoes for enjoying your more intimate moments at home, there’s nothing to keep you from wearing them out to any social occasion. The inspiration behind Una Sera shoes is my ideal woman, one who is free spirited, intelligent, yet extremely feminine, whose shoes should allow her to walk gracefully anywhere she goes. These are my boudoir shoes, bold but not ostentatious, to be worn simply for the sheer pleasure and experience of wearing them.”

Paola Gennari Santori is a business ethics consultant and photographer from Rome.

Her work aims at helping people and businesses that believe in acting responsibly to emerge. In 2016 the UNA SERA brand was launched to encourage the development of small sustainable artisan activities and as a way to keep the age old tradition of Italian shoe making alive.

Now living in The Marches, Paola has developed a strong bond with the region and has come to recognize the excellence of the inventiveness and quality of the shoe manufacturing district.
Therefore it should come as no surprise that this is where UNA SERA shoes were born, in an area whose reputation for shoe manufacturing is unsurpassed and where traditional leather working skills are handed down from one generation to the next.

UNA SERA put together a selected group of master craftsmen who have skillfully recreated a shoe which up to the 1960s had been part of every well-dressed woman’s wardrobe: the boudoir shoe.
Our contemporary version has been designed for performance: high quality materials with guarantee of origin and fine finishings, including palissato leather soles to keep the shoes featherlight and a soft insole to ensure a comfortable fit.

Working together

UNA SERA creates capsule collections, limited editions and commemorative editions in collaboration with other similar brands that share our same ethical values.

Social responsibility

UNA SERA boudoir shoes are Made in Italy. Our manufacturing processes are synonymous with quality. Every step is traceable, transparent and sustainable.


UNA SERA supports sustainable fashion and takes part in projects in developing countries that are aimed at helping to guarantee better living and working conditions for craftspeople in local communities.